How it works

Permafy creates a permanent, shareable link to your file

Data is stored permanently on Arweave (read more)

Permafy your file

  1. 1. Go to the Upload page
  2. 2. Select your file
  3. 3. Click Permafy! and pay
  4. 4. Let Arweave process your file

That's it! You will now have a Permalink to your file. Be sure to save it somewhere safe!

Introductory Pricing

Any file up to 10 Megabytes Free!
Any file between 10 and 50 100 Megabytes 50¢
Every 3 5 Megabytes thereafter
Prices quoted in USD

Permanently store your file

Introductory Pricing

Any file up to 10MB for free! Between 10MB and 50MB 100MB for 50¢, and 1¢ for every 3MB 5MB thereafter

*App verification is pending, you may see security warnings.

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Permanent storage

Permafy uses Arweave to store data permanently (read more)

Technology Used

Website powered by Astro & React.js

Server powered by Express & Node.js

File upload powered by Uppy & AWS S3


Made possible with a grant from Community Labs

Background image based on a photo by Natalia Soto on Unsplash

About Arweave

Permafy uses Arweave to store data permanently. Normally, interacting with Arweave requires managing a cryptographic wallet and buying cryptocurrency from an exchange. Permafy eliminates this barrier by offering instant payment via credit-card with Stripe.

How Arweave works

By uploading a file to Arweave, you contribute a small fund of cryptocurrency which automatically pays out to the members of the network that store the data. When you pay for an upload to Arweave, you are not just paying for the file to be stored until a fixed date, but for perpetual storage far into the future, at least 200 years! Learn more about Arweave from their project website.

⚠️ Important: Files stored on Arweave files are publicly visible and cannot be deleted.

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